Wrap Warranty


Manufacturing Defects: Any visual defect in the product or adhesive that renders it unsuitable for its intended use.


  1. Duration: The warranty period for manufacturing and packaging defects up to 24 months, starting from the date of manufacture and stored in a controlled room temperature environment. Not in a garage. With a humidity rating of 50-55%
  2. Coverage:
    • We will replace the defective product, at our discretion, upon verification of the defect.
    • This warranty does not cover defects caused by improper application, misuse, or failure to follow our installation guidelines.
  3. Customer Responsibilities:
    • It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the product upon receipt and before installation.
    • If a defect is identified, the customer must discontinue use immediately and notify us promptly.
  4. Exclusions:
    • Damage resulting from accidents, collisions, or improper handling after installation is not covered.
    • Labor costs associated with the application, removal, or reinstallation of the product are not covered.
    • Any damage to clear coat, paint, or other surfaces during installation or removal is not covered.
  5. Claims Process:
    • To make a warranty claim, customers must provide proof of purchase and details of the defect.
    • Claims will be assessed and processed within a reasonable timeframe.
    • If a product is lost, damaged or stolen during the shipping process by UPS, an investigation claim will have to open and can take up to 14 business days for a resolution before any refunds or returns occur.
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