Warranty & Product Disclaimer

All Luminous window tint films come with a limited manufacturer warranty. Our reflective series tints are intended to be used in automotive applications and is  warrantied to last up to 3 years with proper maintenance and care.

Due to the special dyes used in some of our solid colored reflective tints (Blue, Red, Gold, Bronze, green, purple, orange), we do not offer any warranty against discoloration or color fading. Discretion is advised. These specific reflective colors are intended only for short term use or on specific vehicles kept indoors and maintained well! 

Our Midnight black & Sterling Silver and gunmetal reflective films are warrantied against any discoloration, fading, peeling or bubbling up to 3 years. 

Our films are not warrantied against any scratches, marks or installation errors.

We do not give any refunds or exchanges.

Any warranty claims will require photos/videos and in some cases we will need the tint to be removed and sent in for examination at the customers expense. 

If your warranty claim is approved we will send replacement material and cover any shipping costs at our expense. 

Any claims will need to be sent in via email to luminoustints@gmail.com with header “Warranty Claim” including order number, or invoice number as a reference.