Standard Size Chart

Standard Size chart:

-Full Kits Includes All Front Windshields, Sides and Rears (NO SUNROOFS)

-Please look at how many windows your car has. Include the triangle side windows. EX: Subaru WRX/STI 2016+ has a triangle window in the front and in the rear. You would order a 9 window kit for sides and rear 

Coupe Side Window Kit 20" x 10 feet 

Sedan Side windows kit- 20inch x 10 Feet

Windshield kit- 40inch x 5 Feet

Coupe Sides and Rear Kit- 40inch x 5feet & 20inch x 10 Feet

Sedan Sides and Rear Kit - 40inch x 5feet & 20inch x 12feet

All Windows kit Sedan Kit - 40inch x 10feet & 20inch x 12feet

Hatchback/Wagon/MiniVans Kit-  (Sides & Rear) 40inch x5 feet & 20 inch x 15 feet

Truck Single Cab (Sides & Rear) 40inch x12 Feet x 20" x 5 feet

Truck Double Cab (Sides & Rear) 40inch x17 Feet x 20" x 5 feet

Sunroof kit 20"x4 feet